From one tree to ten tons – Chrisna’s Olives

Chrisna's Olives at DelVera

We happened upon Chrisna's new farm-style shop at the DelVera estate (just outside of Stellenbosch) today. While Kerry-Anne was tasting all the pastes, olives and flavoured vinegars I got chatting to one of Chrisna's assistants who was busy with the laborious task of removing all the pips from a HUGE bucket of olives. As we chatted, this is what I learned:

Chrisna started her olive business more than ten years ago as a home "project" while tending an old lady's olive tree. Soon word about her amazing olives spread and Chrisna started selling olives, olive oil and olive paste to friends. Things started to snowball from that point leading to her moving her business into her garage at home and by the end of last year Chrisna and her small team were processing about 10 tons of organically grown olives each year! Chrisna and her staff make the pastes and pickled olives, while they outsource the pressing of the oil from the fruit to local... well... olive-pressing-people. (Say, what would you call people who press olives?)

It seems as though Chrisna's made a roaring success from her one-tree beginning. If you love olives and feel like chatting to friendly locals, make a point of taking a drive along the R44 to DelVera - you won't regret the trip.

One thought on “From one tree to ten tons – Chrisna’s Olives

  1. Chrisna Pepler

    Hi Paul, just want to say we really love your review of our little shop. We are updating our image and website and so would like to ask your permission to use your review of our shop on the new website. We will of course reference your blog and give you the credit due. Your review is a real Pleassure to read and we would like to invite you to come by again and give us a proper visit when Chrisna is actually there and you can see how we have changed.
    Many thanks

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