Ostrich concubines?


The male ostrich (in the lower left corner) appears to be one lucky guy. I know this because female ostriches are easily distinguishable from males due to their comparatively dull appearance. Quite a contrast to the human species, don't you think?

In case you've never had ostrich meat for dinner, you may be interested to know that it's fairly close in appearance and taste to beef - although a little darker in colour. Ostrich is one of the healthier meat options since it reportedly contains 40% less fat than beef!

The Western Cape actually has quite a few ostrich farms. There is, in fact, a flock of them housed just one kilometre from where we live. I spotted this particular group, not too far away, wandering along one of the hills behind Durbanville - what a life.

3 thoughts on “Ostrich concubines?

  1. Paul

    Post author

    Hi Kris – quite the contrary, we live in a leafy suburb just outside of the City. We just happen to live close to a small ostrich keep… which is over the road from a small golf course. :)

    Durbanville, mentioned in the post, is a small suburb with many wine farms and wide open spaces behind the actual town.

    EDIT: Kerry-Anne just pointed out that I misread your question Kris. Nope, these are not it the wild – I doubt one would find any here in the wild.

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