Twestival at Cape Town’s Doppio Zero

Twestival in Cape Town

At short notice, several members of the Cape Town Twitter community pulled together and organised an event at Doppio Zero, allowing Cape Town to be part of the worldwide Twestival (it's a silly word, I know ;-) ). "Twestival" (yup, it's still a silly word) involved Twitter members gathering together in 186 cities across the world, on the same evening, to raise funds for charity: water, a non-profit initiative working to provide safe and clean drinking water in developing nations.

Guests at Cape Town's Doppio Zero were entertained by the beautiful and inspiring singer Verity, central African musician Sylvestre Kabassidi, Marcel (hands-down the best magician and close-up entertainer I've met), and the energetic entrepreneur Eran Eyal, who co-founded Springleap with Eric Edelstein.

I've been a bit of a link pimp in this post, but I think that the kind people who made this event possible deserve credit for a job well done on extremely short notice. Thanks to you all!

2 thoughts on “Twestival at Cape Town’s Doppio Zero

  1. metaMeerkat

    Thank you so much for taking the time to report on this event – and for the recognition. The photo is beautiful, may I please use it elsewhere with full credits?

    It was great for Cape Town to be part of a global event – even if we just set the stage for next time.

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