An enigmatic hotel at Greenmarket Square

Longmarket Street

I wonder how many people realise that the building located behind Greenmarket Square (in the background of this photo) is in fact a hotel - the Park Inn, to be precise. I scoured the web for anything about the building's history, but it seems as though there is just NO information... which is kinda strange if you ask me... (I'm thinking conspiracy theory here). ;)

Apart from the fact that the building itself looks like it's been around for some time, the Park Inn's website is just so '80s. (That's really saying something, since the first http website was only launched in 1990.) And why do I say their site is looking dated? Just take a look at the antiques in the photo on this page. :D

7 thoughts on “An enigmatic hotel at Greenmarket Square

  1. Guinivea

    Michael, after reading your post I did a little search and found this snippet on Turtle SA Tours Site
    “Many of the other buildings in the square also date back to the 1860’s.
    One of them is the Holiday Inn. It was originally a townhouse and was the only one that was not demolished. It was used by the Shell Oil Company as their Head Office in Cape Town until 1979 and was then converted to a 170 room hotel which is still there today.”

    Thanks for such an interesting post…I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned something new today!!!

  2. Kerry-Anne

    Thanks for the info, Michael, and thanks for investigating it a bit further, Guinivea. Always good to learn something new about the city…

    There’s some great information on that site, Beverley; thanks for the link. Interesting that they took their photo of the hotel on the opposite diagonal to Paul’s one. :)

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