Boat trips from the V&A Waterfront

Spirit of Victoria

The 58-foot yacht Spirit of Victoria carries passengers on trips around Table Bay, taking them a little way along the Atlantic Seaboard, in fact. At night she lies quietly moored at the north pier of the V&A Waterfront, bobbing about, content after a day of hard work. If you've spent much time looking out into Table Bay you will almost certainly have noticed the schooner's distinctive brown sails blowing in the wind; see another photo here.

Time permitting, Kerry-Anne and I will try taking a trip on the Spirit of Victoria before summer is over, and then report back on the experience.

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  1. Paul

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    Thanks Michael – you’d be most welcome in Cape Town! We’re often told that it’s quite like San Francisco, only a lot smaller and a little less busy… and some would say a little prettier. :D

    Response time from a browser at the far-away tip of Africa is somewhat different to that from the US. Perhaps Lunarpages should consider setting up a data center here. ;)

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