Cape Argus Cycle Tour 2009

Western Province Rugby Cyclist

Given the look on this cyclist's face, you'd never guess that today's Cape Argus Pick 'n Pay Cycle Tour was one of the most challenging (possibly THE most challenging) races ever. Winds of 60 to 90km/hour, of which 70% were apparently headwinds, made race conditions incredibly difficult, and resulted in delayed start times for most groups, and longer race times for pretty much everyone.

Well done to all those who braved the gale-force winds (which were so strong near the start that they knocked a number of cyclists off their bikes), and congratulations to 23-year-old Arran Brown, who crossed the line just before Robbie Hunter to claim his first Cape Argus title. You can see more photos of all these determined and resilient cyclists in our 2009 Cape Argus Cycle Tour album.

5 thoughts on “Cape Argus Cycle Tour 2009

  1. Nikki Schaafsma-Harris

    This was my first race.

    It was said to me that it is a tuff one but did not not relise how tuff.
    All i can say is next year I can only better my time. I did complete it, even though they stoped the race at the top of Suikerbossie. Told us to hand back our numbers and all race ID as they were not going to take responsibility for our safty over the last down hill due to strong winds. They were sending busses to collect us and excort us down, which I do understand, I came off my bike twice during the race due to wind.

    Now that I have done the worst race in history due to weather – see you all next year again!!

    My thought is this, I paid, I play. To me it was like sky diving just holding on to my handle bars!!

  2. Paul

    Post author

    Christopher, well done! I was having hard enough trouble keeping my camera steady.

    Nikki, you rock! Yes, I agree with you from Suikerbossie it’s not such a long stretch (although I’m sure it seemed like it) so to quit then would have just blown the entire day. :D

  3. HEINE SENEKAL 40363

    YES to all fellow bikers,i had this priveledge ,due to a friend withdrawing,thus i was a ” SPAARWIEL”from St Francis Bay.Never cycled before,bought a Raleigh RC 9000,started grinding in JAN 2009.Met a beautiful “BLOND”(RENCIA)also a cyclist,went to HOPEFIELD,stayed their for 2 weeks,trained on the MALMESBURY/VREDENBURG ” WINDY ROADS” .But nevr thought that i would manage this ARGUS/HURRICANE !!!while assembling bike,2 girls nextdoor in parking lot,packed up,i stood in tunnel,watching wind blow fellow bikers of,back in the pits,they didnt believe my,Yes,my blondi withdrew,due to a bad flue,she stayed in tunnel to help bikers who fell,blown off bikes.Back in the pits,i prepared myself,upstairs,luckily i was in the 1st row,2nd from the left pavement,when i hit the tunnel i jumped off bike,put in on shoulder,ran through,jumped on and hit the road,what an experience,im back next year,after a gruelling 5h48min.Nou ry ek elke oggend 47-57 km,hael/snew/reen,want KNYSNA OYSTER 100km op en af le voor,DANKIE ALMAL.

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