Glaceau Vitaminwater spotted in Loop Street


I first heard about Glaceau Vitaminwater a few weeks ago, when one after the other my Twitter friends began saying that they'd received these promotional suitcases from the company. Look, I'm not going to lie to you - we were pretty envious. I watched at the window day after day, wondering when my suitcase full of (apparently awesome) vitaminwater would arrive. But alas, it never did. The life of a B-list blogger is filled with disappointment. ;-)

I have to say though, their stealthy launch campaign has been really well-executed and clearly very effective. I was visiting one of my clients in Loop Street yesterday, when someone in the office spied this truck downstairs, offloading crates and crates and crates of something liquidy. As soon as I saw the truck, I exclaimed, "Glaceau Vitaminwater!" with perhaps a bit toooo much excitement, considering I haven't even tasted it yet. :) It turns out their store/office/temporary home is right next to my client's offices, on the corner of Loop and Bloem Streets, and they were preparing for their launch party.

5 thoughts on “Glaceau Vitaminwater spotted in Loop Street

  1. Kerry-Anne

    Post author

    Chris, thanks – failing that, we’ll just have to hold thumbs that we win one of our categories at the SA Blog Awards next week… :P

    Beverley, indeed I do. I’m firmly of the opinion that your attitude determines just how much fun you’ll have in any given situation, though. :)

  2. desrie

    Hi Kerry-Anne,

    Chris just alighted me to your plight. We’re so sorry that we have not gotten any water to you as yet, it’s not easy finding all the fab people in south africa, so please forgive us!

    Please email with your name, contact number and a delivery address and we’ll try get you your glaceau fix ;)

  3. Kerry-Anne

    Post author

    Desrie, thanks for stopping by and commenting. I chatted to Chris today, and he took all my details. So it seems that the Glaceau Fairy is going to be visiting our house this year after all! Yippee! :) And I’ll be sure to let you know what I think once I’ve tried it…

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