Night-time view of Beach Road in Mouille Point

Beach Road in Mouille Point at night

On Wednesday we showed you the view from Wakame; this photo was taken from the same section of the restaurant (the upstairs bar area), but facing in a slightly different direction (looking up Beach Road, towards the lighthouse and Sea Point). And it was at night, of course. ;-)

We don't often find ourselves in this area on a weeknight, and so we were very surprised to see just how busy this part of the Atlantic Seaboard was. We had to drive around the block quite a few times to find parking - pretty impressive, considering it was 8pm on a Thursday...

3 thoughts on “Night-time view of Beach Road in Mouille Point

  1. Mark Stevens

    I was brought up at 59 Beach Road Mouille Point and this photo was taken near wear our house was /is. I now stay in Israel with my family. It is a nice photo. I can still smell the sea breeze in my minds eye. The sound of the foghorn used to blow when the fog closed in. One evening the Sea Farer run aground were the lighthouse is.
    Lots of love

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