The best place to be in a heatwave…


... is in an air-conditioned shopping mall, of course. The temperature here has been hovering around 38 degrees Celsius for the last two days (for our overseas readers, that's equivalent to about 100 degrees Fahrenheit). In a word: HOT. This kind of heat is stifling and extremely draining, and there's really very little one can do to keep cool. Escape is the best option. :)

2 thoughts on “The best place to be in a heatwave…

  1. Steffi

    That´s definitive too hot for me.Summer and sun is okay but not so hot.At the moment we have here in Germany grey and rainy weather with temperatures around 3 degree.

  2. julie

    this is also true in the summer in Arizona. when the heat is so high everyone goes indoors to the malls to enjoy the air conditioning. some malls even have walking clubs use the inside of the mall as a track to get their exercise in the summer.

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