The Dirty Skirts: Summer Sunset Concert at Kirstenbosch

The Dirty Skirts at Kirstenbosch

Summer Sunset concerts at Kirstenbosch are always great, and this week's concert was no exception - the weather was perfect, our picnic was yummy, and The Dirty Skirts played an awesome set. These guys are amazingly talented: they have a really original sound, and, as a bit of bonus for the girls, they make for good eye-candy too. :)

This was the band's first time playing at Kirstenbosch, and I sure hope it won't be their last. If you've never been to one of the Summer Sunset concerts at Kirstenbosch, you should really fix that. There are still a few concerts this season; you can have a look at the schedule here.

We'll be posting more photos of the concert later in the week (of the crowd too, so even if you're not actually one of The Dirty Skirts, you might see yourself here...), so do check back then. And if you really can't wait until then, you can have a look at some photos we took of The Dirty Skirts in concert late last year.

One thought on “The Dirty Skirts: Summer Sunset Concert at Kirstenbosch

  1. Jess

    Hi there!

    I just discovered your blog and so happy I did! Your photos are stunning and you are giving me a lot of great tips on restaurants, picnic spots and loads more. I have a tab running next to me of all the places I have to check out when I return to Cape Town next month. Thank you! And check out my point of view from the Dirty Skirts concert, what a great day that was.


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