Sol Kerzner’s newest hotel: One&Only Cape Town

Sol Kerzner's One and Only Hotel

For a while now everyone's been talking about the opening of Sol Kerzner's new hotel, the One&Only Cape Town. I'd seen a couple of artist's impressions of the interior (top secret sources!), and had heard how difficult it was to get to see the actual interior (bloggers don't seem to be too high up on Sol's list of VIPs :-) ). I'd also heard rumours of how much the penthouse was sold for (an astonishingly obscene amount of money).

And then, quite unexpectedly, I found myself right over the road from the hotel late on the afternoon of the launch party. I'm rather sorry I didn't have a better camera with me, because it turns out there were some pretty distinguished guests at this party - Nelson Mandela, Sharon Stone, Clint Eastwood and Robert de Niro, amongst others. As a matter of fact, I spotted a paparazzo half hiding behind a tree just a few metres from me - he had a very decent-looking camera with an enormously enormous lens, and looked decidedly furtive. My first brush with the paparazzi! Such a disappointment then that his camera wasn't aimed at me. :P

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  2. Emily O'Reilly

    This is great news. I am a South African in America. My husband and I had the opportunity to be on the Sun City staff – he as Night Manager and I Telecommunications Manager. I left to be a presenter/producer for Bop TV and had the honour to interview Sol and promote most of his hotels. I represented Southern Africa for the CNN Worl Report. Maybe you have something I could shoot for this – who knows.

    I have a travel sight and would love to visit in order to get some insight and then have friends and others visit the City I always brag about. This WILL give the hotel exposure AND promote tourism. Please send me info. I want to visit during the Christmas/New Year Period and get in on New Years celebrations with the Coon Carnival. I could produce a short travel documentary and have some “skits” for my blog, TV stations here and other travel sites.

    Please feel free to email me at the above e

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