A secret picnic at the Vineyard Hotel

Statue at the Vineyard Hotel

Just two days after Cape Town's huge rain storm, we're back to sunny blue skies!

I took this photo in the gardens of the Vineyard Hotel in Newlands. The hotel is a beautiful structure, reminiscent of a previous era of grace and elegance. We knew that the gardens were beautiful and well kept, but taking some time to walk through them gave us a perspective on how much larger they are than we had first imagined. The gardens are made up of large, carefully trimmed lawns, huge beds of neat shrubs and bright flowers, large trees, winding paths, small rivers, quaint bridges, and convenient benches perfect for two. Phew! I think I just depleted my weekly adjective quota.

What I found surprising is that the hotel's website, including the sections about the restaurants, doesn't make mention at all of packed picnic baskets being for sale. I found one sketchy reference on another site, but it is strange to me that such a perfect picnic spot isn't being leveraged. :-/

I think what we'll do is pack our own picnic and find a semi-secluded corner of the garden to have our private picnic... and to make us feel like we're not abusing the hotel's facilities, I think we'll end off our picnic with a cup of tea at the garden lounge.

Shhh... we'll keep this our CTDP-readers' secret, okay? :D

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