Delheim, worth the journey

Delheim wine

Delheim is an old wine estate in the heart of Stellenbosch wine country. It was on Tuesday night that my palate encountered Delheim Merlot for the first time - and I have to say that for a 2006 wine it was pretty darn decent!

Delheim's tag-line is "Worth The Journey", which I guess conveys that even though Stellenbosch is a little way from the City (about 40km I'd guess), a visit is well worth the journey. I browsed their website a few minutes ago and discovered a little nugget of information... it seems as though Delheim's estate restaurant is having a special from 8-12 June. From the advert it sounds as though they will reduce their price to dollar numbers, but charge in rands. Could they really mean that a R150 meal will cost only R15? That's just crazy! I may just have to check if the journey is in fact worth it. ;)

Delheim, this sounds unbelievable; it would be awesome if you'd leave a comment clarifying what's meant by "Come and enjoy meal at Dollar rates!".

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  1. Alison from Cape Town

    Hey Paul,

    We have loved Delheim since our student days – great wines (some with scary names like ‘Spatzendreck’), family history and a lovely, tucked-away position.

    I will certainly be exploring the ‘dollar prices’ possibility :-)

  2. Hendrik

    Hi Paul.

    Just phoned up Delheim’s restaurant and they say that it’s applicable to the lunch main course during that week. It is however as you thought, they take the price of the main course, and divide that by the daily exchange rate and then you pay the dollar amount in rand for the main course lunch only.

    Hope that helps

  3. Paul

    Post author

    Thanks Hendrik for phoning Delheim. We’ll for sure make use of the “dollar prices”. I’m heading over to their site so long to see if there’s a menu. :)

  4. Delheim family

    Hi everyone
    yes it is true. We will be offering our “dollar rate” meals for the week of 8 – 12 June only.
    this was so successfull last year that we decided to repeat this crazy offer to all our locals again.
    do join us – but remember booking is absolutely essential.
    see you here
    Nora and the rest of the Delheim family

  5. Wired Communications

    Hi there,

    Delheim is indeed having dollar rate meals from 8 – 12 June 2009. Take the price of the meal and divide it by the current dollar rate, and that is what you will pay for your meal! Visit or call 021 888 4607.

    The Wired Team

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