Driving rain

Driving rain

We woke up early this morning, with about 42 fire trucks blasting our house with their huge fire hoses. When the pounding water eventually held up, I looked outside and found that every single fire-truck and fireman had mysteriously disappeared without a trace... leaving behind pools of water all through our garden.

Oh alright... you saw right through my story, didn't you? It wasn't really firemen, of course, but rather the biggest and heaviest cloud that we've seen for a long while, unleashing all its rain in one enormous downpour. I must say, I'm not particularly looking forward to this winter; it's been icy cold this afternoon - around 11°C (which is freezin' for a Cape Town afternoon)!

We're heading off to a friend's birthday party at FTV in Cape Town this evening. It's storming outside, but Shana's convinced it's going to be hot inside. ;) I'll let you know tomorrow how it went!

5 thoughts on “Driving rain

  1. Geoffrey Hedges

    I love rain so much. It is very chilly there but for Western New York State in the winter we’ve gotten -29 degrees Celsius with wind chill. We had like a whole week in April where it was raining here for a few days straight. I like the Cooper by the way ;)

  2. Firefly

    We had the biggest downpoar in ages on Thursday night. The heavens just opened up and dropped a ton of water on us for about 10 min and then was gone.

  3. Paul

    Post author

    @Geoffrey – woah, -29? That’s hectic! Thanks, it’s Kerry-Anne’s car. Do you notice anything concerning on the dashboard? :)

    @Firefly – Yeah, we had a few heavy showers also lasting about 10 minutes at a time. Kerry-Anne got caught while walking to her car at one of the shopping centers… she arrived home looking much like a cat that had fallen into a man-size puddle! :)

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