A safe way to hire a Jet Ski

Jet Skiing in Melkbos

Jet Skiing is one of those sports that I think many people would love to try, but either it's too expensive, or they live too far away from the ocean and its waves to make one of these water bikes a worthwhile investment.

I'm sure many people know that you can hire a Jet Ski for the odd bit of fooling around, but what's always bothered me with this is that jet skis are dangerous and I don't know how to read the ocean - I do know that it's not something to toy with, though. A colleague of mine, who rides his jet ski regularly, told me of an incident where he helped someone who had paralysed themselves by landing incorrectly after jumping the ski... that's not a place I'd like to be!

But there is another option if you're visiting Cape Town and would like to take a tour of the coastline on a jet ski (and want to drive the machine yourself). Bugaloo Adventures have a Seafari jet ski package for R600 that puts you on a jet ski with a guide on a separate ski. The guide rides alongside you, keeping one eye on the ocean and one eye on you to make sure you're staying safe, and helps you learn how to ride the ski. It's a pretty cool idea, don't you think? I'm just waiting for Bugaloo to offer us a free ride, so that we can review the actual experience! :D

To help us out while we're on vacation, today's photo was taken by Bennie Vivier - the guy who, when I started getting into photography, was kind enough teach me about the subtle technical aspects of the art.

12 thoughts on “A safe way to hire a Jet Ski

  1. Paul

    Post author

    Brandon, stop shouting dude. ;) You’d be able to ride your jetski in Table Bay… but I suggest that you try hooking up with folk who know the waters. Check out the link in the post – I’m sure that you’d be able to ride in Hout Bay as well… in fact… I’m sure there are many places that you could ride! But, seriously, I suggest that you find a buddy who knows the waters ride with.

  2. Riyard Taliep

    hi, i would like to hire a jetski for the easter weekend. starteing the friday 21 april – 26 april.

    Any ideas. cape town.

  3. Paul

    Post author

    Hi Riyard, I’ve never hired one, but what may be a good idea is to first scout out where you’d like to ride the jetski – False Bay, or Table Bay… or perhaps even Hout Bay. Check the link included in the article – perhaps they can assist with an area and costing.

  4. Ben

    Hi, I’m looking at buying a couple jet skis, but I’m struggling to find out where exactly in Cape Town you can ride them? And is a liscence necessary? I’ve heard people saying table view, and Bloeberg, but getting the skis to the water is apparently difficult in these places, and I don’t want to commit to buying a couple if I’m limited to only two places, any feedback will be a massive Help cheers

  5. Suhaib-FZR

    Hi guys you can ride a jetski almost anywhere in cape town. The best place to launch it is granger bay it’s in waterfront. We also have a jetski club called cape Town jetski riders we are there at granger bay almost every weekend there are also jetskis for sale as some of the members wanting to upgrade. and we are on Facebook. See you soon :)

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