A tale of contrasts

Girl in the water

Some of our suburbs have beautiful dams such as this one dotted around. To be fair, the beauty of this dam is a little out of the ordinary as it's located on the Bellville Golf Course! Generally the dams kept in shape by the municipality receive only the bare essential maintenance, and to be honest, they've been deteriorating over the past few years - presumably due to a lack of funds as well as the water shortages our province experienced a few years ago.

If you look carefully at the people in the photo you'll see that the little girl, dressed in red, fell down into the dam! She'd been playing at the water's edge, trying to get close to the ducks, when I guess she lost her balance and plopped over. Don't worry, she was fine - her dad picked her up and the family sat quietly in a little huddle comforting her for a few minutes.

The only crying that I could hear was that of some other annoying (very annoying) kid breaking the silence, screaming something at his grandparents that sounded like "No, I don't want to...!" I guessed that they wanted to leave and he wanted to stay at the dam.

The scene was one of such contrast - a peaceful dam and a quiet family versus a rowdy and rude kid. :-/

5 thoughts on “A tale of contrasts

  1. Marius

    And many of my golf balls ended up where that little girl did .. unfortunately for me, mine stayed in the dam. The green in the upper left is the 12th green, a par 3 played over the dam from the dam wall.

  2. Paul

    Post author

    Marius, in that case, I should not even try playing the 12th! :D I may as well chuck my balls into the water.

    Nico, thanks! To be honest, I was a little disappointed in the photo, so I’m glad that you took the time to comment. :)

  3. Beverley

    Well first off Paul thank goodness the little girl in red was ok…I’m surprised they allow people especially with children to go onto the course as it’s so dangerous with golf balls flying around…we most certainly don’t allow anyone other than players (& caddies) on our course…perhaps the course was closed!!

    Sounds an interesting course to play and we have a similar 4th hole to this one on our course and often my dear little white ball ends up in the water :)

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