Cannonfire at the Castle

Half-pounder Canon
A friend of mine, Bennie Vivier, belongs to the Tygerberg Photography Society; the society members visited the Castle of Good Hope in Cape Town on an outing - an educational opportunity and a chance to capture some extraordinary photos.

Bennie managed to snap this photo when a member of the Cannon Society fired this half-pounder cannon. I'm surprised not to see the cannonball floating in mid air! :)

Some time ago cannons fell under the Firearms Act, which meant that they were governed by the same restrictions applying to modern firearms. The Cannon Society petitioned the authorities, and to satisfy the South African Police they drew up an official safety handbook, set up a code of conduct, and agreed to training courses for gunners. Today cannons and antique muzzle-loaded firearms have been deregulated and no longer fall under the Firearms Act (although a competency certificate obtained through proper training is required).

3 thoughts on “Cannonfire at the Castle

  1. PPusa

    I just saw a similar “show” in Helsinki and I must say that photos do not do any justice to the sounds and shockwaves you experience at the location.

    That shot is quite difficult as you have to predict when the cannon fires and these cannons do not fire at the click of a button.

    Or you can cheat with the video mode of the camera ;)

    -PPusa from Helsinki According to PPusa

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