Garcia D’Avila, a Brazilian warship

The Warship, Garcia D'Avila
If you read yesterday's post you'll have gathered that Kerry-Anne and I are away in Bloemfontein (for the Confederations Cup). We decided that it wouldn't be fair to stockpile photos before we left and subject our readers to them over the time, so I've enlisted the help of a couple of friends to supply us with photos.

Mandy, blogger, writer, gadget-freak, and owner of kicked off today with this shot of the Garcia D'Avila moored at the Cape Town Waterfront. This warship found its way to Cape Town in support of the Sea Power for Africa Symposium held at the CTICC (but I think they're actually in SA to support Brazil in the Confederations Cup!). Mandy mentioned that the public were actually being allowed to board the vessel for a short tour. We're not sure if they're still giving tours, but if you're in the Waterfront, stop by and try your luck. ;)

If you have a moment, visit The homepage lists article summaries, which link through to the main articles. Unsurprisingly, the first article I read was a review of a silly, yet fun game, Death Dice. (I'm on level 7 at the moment ;) ).

One thought on “Garcia D’Avila, a Brazilian warship

  1. mjw

    It’s so strange seeing my photo on someone else’s web site. Heh.

    I was very disappointed that I missed out on being able to tour the ship (I happened upon it on a non-tour day) but I hope some of CTDP’s readers got a chance!

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