Houses of Welgemoed

Houses of Welgemoed

Welgemoed is a wealthy suburb of Cape Town, just on "the other side" of Tygerberg Hill, facing the Boland Mountains. If you were to stand on top of Table Mountain, overlooking the City Bowl, and allow your gaze to extend further, over the city, then Tygerberg Hill is the hill that you would see in the distance, about 20km from Table Mountain, and Welgemoed is just on the other side of that hill.

We took a drive around the suburb, and the strange thing was how isolated everyone seemed to be. High walls barricaded each propery, and it felt like people were peering from their windows suspiciously when we stopped our car to look around.

The property in the photo seemed different. Firstly, there were no large walls to be seen, only fences, and secondly, there is far more open space around this house than other houses in the area. Also, the abundant trees, garden and green rolling hills seem to give the home less of a densely-packed suburban feeling.

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