Off the beaten track

Funky graffiti
I found this piece of graffiti at a spot that locals often pass by but would never know is there unless they derailed whatever day-to-day activities preoccupied them and explored places that they would normally not.

Whether you live in Cape Town or in some other part of the world, look around you as you travel the same route that you travel most days, and identify the places that you've never explored before. They may take you off your beaten track and they may waste a few minutes of your day, but you'll never again wonder "what's behind that wall?", "what does that store sell?", or "what does that suburb look like?". Heck, perhaps you'll even start your own {mycity}!

I'll be darn impressed if any of you know where this photo was taken. All will be revealed in the next exciting instalment of Cape Town Daily Photo. ;)

4 thoughts on “Off the beaten track

  1. Hendrik

    Let’s try and deduce.. you live in the Northern Suburbs… the little area to the bottom right of the picture looks like it might be the top of the Bellville Velodrome stadium, although I might be pushing that one.. I’m guessing this is under the N1 where it crosses with the road that runs next to the Bells Golf Academy ? Which has Toys ‘R’ Us on the other end and when you reach the next set of traffic lights you see DF Malan High School ?

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