Willowbridge Slow Market

The Slow Market

The Slow Food movement is a non-profit organisation that's represented in some form or another in about 130 countries. The open-air slowfood market at Willowbridge started trading in December and has been thriving ever since. The idea of a slowfood market is that goods are sold in a fashion similar to how one would have expected produce to have been sold a thousand years ago... fresh, and by the farmers, bakers and chocolatiers themselves. From what I can tell the food is sourced locally from small producers and sold fresh. Products on offer include organic dried fruit and nuts, a range of sausages, biltong, Belgian waffles, lemon curd, schwarmas, and plenty more.

The market closes at 14h00, and, as you may have noticed from the photo, we arrived a little late - although just early enough to buy one or two yummy treats as stalls were packing up. Our Saturdays are generally hectic, so with a fair portion of luck we might get there early enough to do some shopping next Saturday. If you're not sure how to get to the market, take a look at this map - it's easy enough to find. :)

2 thoughts on “Willowbridge Slow Market

  1. Antoinette Schäfer

    i would like to know what do you have to do to join
    this market @Willowbridge..& is it only food & fresh
    products to be sold?

    Thank YOU!

    084 599 9277

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