A Wednesday morning sunrise over Table Bay

Sunrise over Table Bay

I took this photo this morning at about 07h50, at a location just past the Table Bay Hotel at the V&A Waterfront. I overheard several people say that the sunrise this morning was the best that they'd seen in a long time, perhaps even the best ever!

Yesterday I gave a clue as to what I'd be doing today, but given that only Hilda from My Manila commented on the post I'm guessing that the clues must have been too vague. Well, either this, or the Internet is ignoring me... :-/

Today's clue in the photo above is the last one and will surely help narrow it down. In fact, I'm sure by now you have a fairly good idea of what I did this morning. Still, today's clue will help you uncover only one half of the puzzle... with the other half still represented in the second clue from yesterday's photo.

7 thoughts on “A Wednesday morning sunrise over Table Bay

  1. Paul

    Post author

    mjw, lol, yes, shooting at parachutes from a heli would be fun. I assume that you mean with paintball guns?

    Greg, it was cool hey. I’ll show you what I was up to in the next post.

  2. Hussain Nalwala

    Sure this is a beautiful picture….I will be visiting Cape town a week later…Hope I get to shoot something similar…

  3. Paul

    Post author

    Thanks Hussain. It’s about the same time of the year that this photo was taken, so you stand a good chance – let’s hope for good weather! Enjoy your stay in Cape Town!

  4. Hussain Nalwala

    The cable car to go to the Table mountain opens quite late so i cannot reach there early morning…..Which is the best place to go to take the morning sunrise pictures….. I will be staying at the V & A Marina.

    For sunset pictures last year when I was there in May I had been to Camps bay….Please advice…Thanks…

  5. Paul

    Post author

    Hussain, even though the cable way won’t be open early enough you could still go up to the lower cable station – I’m sure you’ll get a great view. Another option would be to go up Signal Hill. You’d have a view of Table Bay, with the sun rising over the Boland Mountains.

    Another great idea is to walk around in the V&A Waterfront. You’ll get brilliant early morning shots. Try anywhere in the Waterfront area, but check out the area close to the Clock Tower.

    For sunset, if the weather’s good, then you could go up Table Mountain and catch the sunset from the top.

    I’m not sure how much you’re into photography, but if you have a graduated neutral density filter, that would help greatly to balance out the contrast.

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