Cold weather sucks

Mud pools after rain
As Kerry-Anne wrote, it's been raining buckets in Cape Town. In addition to the rain though, it feels like it's been getting colder and colder with each passing day. As I write this post I'm wearing two pairs of warm pants, two pairs of socks, and four long tops - an unusual outfit, you must understand. I did a quick scan on our weather page and noticed that of the five weather stations that we monitor, the closest one to us (Durbanville Central) is the coldest at 9.2°C! Now, I know that 9.2°C isn't very cold for many of our readers, but you should remember, this is Africa!

We've often been told by visitors from abroad that the difference between South Africa and other cold countries is that our homes aren't geared for cold weather. We don't have particularly well-sealed windows or doors, I don't have a warm fire burning, there's no central heating, and nor do we have that awesome underfloor heating that a few of our friends are no doubt enjoying right now.

If you do find yourself visiting our city over winter, while you don't have to bring your snow gear along, do bring enough warm clothing, because it does get chilly every now and again.

8 thoughts on “Cold weather sucks

  1. Dieter

    Very nice! I’m originally from the Bellville area and would love to see where these photos were taken, any change you have a gps and can link the coordinates to google maps? Or just roughly estimate the location on gmaps? That would be very cool.

  2. virginia

    Ha ha, its Durban- cold today- I put a jersey on! Shock, horror. I totally agree thought we are not geared for cold weather, so it always makes us moan. Have a good day,

  3. Beverley

    Ooooh dear Paul that doesn’t look like the SA that we know and as you say you’re not geared up for wet & cold weather as we are, but hang in there your Spring will be on it’s way very soon…

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