Meta-meta-photography at St George’s Mall

Recursive photography
I must have some kind of fetish for taking photos of photographers. Not 'that' kind of fetish, understand? I caught a photo of Mr X (never got his name) taking a photo of two other photographers, Leon (walk leader) and Mr Y (never got his name either) in our Worldwide Photo Walk group. I guess one could call this meta-meta-photography!

What you see in the background is St George's Mall - an open-air shopping mall with several restaurants, and most importantly a Vida E Caffé, a well-known and well-loved coffee shop franchise.

6 thoughts on “Meta-meta-photography at St George’s Mall

  1. Paul

    Post author

    Rosemary, you’re too kind. :)
    Hendrik, thanks for the info! I’m sure Trevor’ll be upset. ;)
    Steve, thanks for providing me with a great opportunity for meta-meta photography. :)

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