Wakame and Green Point Stadium

Wakame and Green Point Stadium

At least one of our UK readers in particular will immediately recognise the inside of Wakame, a popular tapas and sushi restaurant in Mouille Point, located very close to the Green Point soccer stadium. In fact, the stadium is precisely what you can see brighly lit out in the darkness.

While we were enjoying really (very) good sushi, I watched welding sparks dropping to the ground from the structure in the distance. It would seem the stadium's construction workers are putting in some serious overtime to catch up after last week's wage dispute.

4 thoughts on “Wakame and Green Point Stadium

  1. Beverley

    Well we are pleased to see this photo!!

    Glad you’re keeping it going for us so that it’ll be there for us on our return!!

    We must make a date in our diaries to meet up there on our return…

  2. Paul

    Post author

    We kinda overstayed our welcome and ended up being the last people in the restaurant… at 00h30! Hopefully they’ll still allow us inside where you’re back next year. Just let us know when you’re in town again…

  3. Debbe Kennedy

    Dear Paul and Kerry Anne, I so enjoyed your wonderful work. Today, I’ve been coming back again and again to look further. This was a wonderful idea and a Gift to those who visit.

    I wrote you a message today via email with a request. Look forward to hearing from you.

  4. Paul

    Post author

    Hi Debbe, thanks for your message – I’m glad that you’ve enjoyed our site. I don’t think I’ve received mail from you though.

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