Altydgedacht on the Durbanville Wine Route

Lilies at Altydgedacht

We arrived at Altydgedacht wine farm in our "fun vehicle" (see yesterday's post), with AC/DC's Thunderstruck blaring. It was a tranquil environment - that is, before our merry crowd arrived. The occasion was a celebration of Guinivea's birthday in the form of a road-trip from wine farm to wine farm. I guess we felt that the occasion warranted at least some kind of commotion on arrival!

The music stopped along with our vehicle, and we piled out, ready for our first tasting. The portion of the farm where tasting is done is unfortunately not particularly pretty. Yet, I captured this photo of the beautiful Arum Lilies that the farm's owner popped in to drop off.

Incidentally, the first title deeds for the land were signed by Simon van der Stel in 1698! The property was called Tygerberg back then and only later renamed to Altydgedacht. Tygerberg is now the name of the the area of which the suburbs of Durbanville and Bellville form part.

In case you're in the mood for a bunch of Arum Lilies, they charge only R10 for a bunch like this one. What a huge bargain!

6 thoughts on “Altydgedacht on the Durbanville Wine Route

  1. Beverley

    Yet another place to visit…:) Your map drawing is getting good Paul and I see you didn’t have to travel too far!

    R10 for a bunch of Arum Lillies – it’s just not fair!

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  3. carelj

    The lilies are beautiful. However, many nature conservationists advise you not to buy lilies from the street vendors. The mass picking of lilies has a detrimental affect on the local frog population. Go and watch the Frog show at the Aquarium, they teach you that as well. ;-)

  4. Kerry-Anne

    Carel, we were actually discussing exactly that while we were at Altydgedacht (not about the frogs – I didn’t realise that that was the reason – but about not buying lilies from street vendors). I’m pretty certain that these lilies were picked on the farm, though, and since there were only three or four bunches, I doubt the resident frogs would have even noticed. :P

    Fortunately we have arum lilies in our own garden, so I’ve never been tempted to buy any on the side of the road; but you make a good point, and we should probably do a post about that.

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