Belly-dancing teacher extraordinaire

Tenille from Feminine Divine

There's a cynical statement that says that people become teachers because they're not able to actually do whatever it is that they teach in practice. Tenille (in this photo) is the founder of and teacher at the Feminine Divine Oriental Dance Studio where Kerry-Anne attends classes, and I'm confident in saying that she both teaches and practises what she teaches like a pro.

Kerry-Anne's progress from her own unique... erm... style, to the performance delivered on Saturday (in only a couple of months) simply has to be proof of this! In fact, all round, the performances delivered by the (approximately) 200 dancing divas was worthy of a standing ovation.

I mentioned in my previous two posts that I've been working on photos from Saturday's show. Finally, I'm done. If you'd like to see the 200 best shots of the day, visit the photo album here... and please, don't forget to comment on photos that you think are simply awesome. :)

13 thoughts on “Belly-dancing teacher extraordinaire

  1. FromJoanne

    Wow Thank you !
    That was useful info and this is a great shot you can see the movement and her joy :) I have always wanted to learn this and I am definitely gonna join and take classes

  2. Paul

    Post author

    It’s a pleasure Joanne. And yes, do it! :) You’re right, she really does look like she’s having fun!

    Thanks Beverley. I only wish that I’d had a faster lens… in the given light I had to pull a few sneaky tricks to get the photos sharp enough. (Underexpose + RAW) ;)

  3. Aniqah

    I second that, Joanne you have to try it. I started just under a year ago and absolutely love every single second of our classes. Feminine Divine has three amazing dedicated teachers and I would recommend the school to anyone :).

  4. FromJoanne

    I did it !!!
    Thanks again Paul for this post, you are the catalyst of a new chapter in my life, I have only had one dance lesson but am already smitten with the dance and the teacher :)Cant wait for the next session !

    I had a look at the gallery.. great shots gave a real sense of the joy of this so feminine dance and I missed the significance of this last time:

    Kerry-Anne’s progress from her own unique… erm… style, to the performance delivered on Saturday (in only a couple of months)

    I cant believe she did what courage !!! :)

  5. Paul

    Post author

    Awesome Joanne, I’m glad you did and enjoyed it so. As Kerry-Anne did, I’m sure that you’ll take part in the show next year. Look forward to it!

  6. Kerry-Anne

    Joanne, I’m so glad to hear that you’ve started going to classes! I’m enjoying it even more now than I was before – at some point (after the show, I think) everything just started to click into place, and moves that I battled with for the first few months now suddenly feel natural. So even when you get frustrated or tired, keep at it. It’s totally worth it. ;-)

  7. FromJoanne

    Kerry -Anne Thanks for the encouragement I am recovering from lesson nr 3, so far the only things which are clicking for me,are my bones :( I really doubt I’ll ever learn it but I will hang in there now, even if its going to be my death :)

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