Fish and “slap” chips

Fish and Chip ship
One of the most fantastic we-don't-have-time-or-inclination-to-cook-a-meal foods is freshly battered and deep-fried hake with a huge pile of "slap" (pronounced "slup" and meaning "limp" in English) chips.

Do you know the kind that I mean? The kind of fish and chips that you just can't buy in a restaurant. The kind of fish and chips that comes bundled in large pieces of newsprint paper. The kind of fish that's covered in a crispy batter with the kind of potato chips that are soft, thick, salty, and laden with vinegar.


16 thoughts on “Fish and “slap” chips

  1. Beverley

    Aaaaah Fish and Chips now that brings back lots of memories of visiting seaside places as a child and the big treat of the day was Fish and Chips wrapped in newspaper with salt and vinegar – sadly they are no longer allowed to sell them in newspaper anymore and they cost a fortune now adays – no longer a cheap meal out!!

  2. Paul

    Post author

    So Bev… perhaps we should go out for Fish and Chips in newspaper when you two visit Cape Town again? A portion for two costs only 34 ZAR!

  3. Jonathan

    As someone who is full of shit and very picky about fish & chips, I can attest to the quality of their food.

    The fish and chips place in Oakdale at the Caltex there is also very good, but they’re much more expensive.

  4. Miguel from Protea Fisheries Stellenberg (the one in photo)

    I take my hat off for Lusitania, they’ve built a very good business!
    My father in law, Mr Alvaro Ferreira took over the Brackenfell branch
    Protea Fisheries about 14 years ago. Being a fisherman himself back in the
    50’s he brought in a ‘new way’ of preparing fish the ‘old fashioned fisherman way’,
    I’ve learn a lot from him and I’m currently in charge of the Stellenberg branch.
    Give us a try, our portions are generous as mentioned and our prices are hard to beat
    For that reason! Christmas lucky draw coming up, LCD TV and blue-ray player up for grabs!


  5. Paul

    Post author

    Miguel, I actually popped in this evening to buy chips to accompany the rest of the meal I was cooking. I’m glad to see that you now have a R10 container of chips. Your “small” portions (at R17) are awesome, but too much for the two of us if we intend having other veggies as well. The R10 mini chips is perfect for this purpose. I’d fry up chips myself, but to be honest, yours is better. :)

    We actually use to support your father-in-law’s business in Brackenfell – way back in the day so I was flippin’ glad when I discovered you just a little way from our new house!

  6. Jonathan Carter

    @Migual I used to Live in Stellenberg and ate your Fish and Chips regularly! Then I moved down a bit to Vredenberg and got Fish and Chips form the Brackenfell branchh with friends! I live in Canada for the moment and miss it dearly (along with Spur, etc of course). One of the first things I’m doing when I’m back is to eat some decent F&C!!!

  7. Chandre De Wet

    In the blog you say “we-don’t-have-time-or-inclination-to-cook-a-meal foods”, just to add “don’t-have-lots-of-money-and-want-to-be-full-or-need-to-share-meal”

    For me the best is Stikland Fisheries :) they even sell keyrings…then in town Lusitania, and in Kuils River Kariba’s On ur way to Blackheath

  8. Jonathan Carter

    Another good one (but I can’t remember the name) is that one next to the shell garage just off Old Paarl road next to the Shell garage! I’ve had Kariba’s fish & chips a few times in the mid 90’s and they were quite good back then too!

  9. Albert

    Have just tasted Snoekies fish and chips in Rondesbosch..fresh snoek, crisp batter and the chips were crispy on the outside, mmmm

  10. Paul

    Post author

    Ah, Albert, thanks for the hot tip. Perhaps I should have a special “where to find awesome fish and chips” page on this site. :)

  11. Natalia

    Protea Fisheries food is of top quality and standard, definitely worth the drive and great value for money! I recommend them 200% !

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