Warm bread and cool butter

Our local Kwikspar
Instructed to find fresh bread, rolls and a pack of very lean bacon, I hurried over to our local Kwikspar, which is only a short walk from our house and (for the record) is one of the best Kwikspars that I've ever shopped at. The staff are normally pretty friendly, and the managers are even more so. The shop is always clean and tidy. The veggies look pretty fresh. The meat is of pretty good quality. There's always a variety of fresh bread and rolls.

I've found myself buying more bread from the Kwikspar's bakery lately. For the last few years we've been buying a brand of "toaster bread" that's manufactured in bulk by large manufacturers. What started to concern us about this bread is how long it lasts... I mean, is it normal for bread to last 2 weeks and still be soft? When we thought about it we remembered that when we were kids bread bought on Monday was stale by Tuesday... and I think this is the way it ought to be, else there's something terribly wrong with the substance we call bread.

As I said, lately I've been buying fresh rolls and bread from the Kwikspar... and I can definitely say that it's way better than the artificial bread we were previously buying. I mean, what's better than a thick slice of warm bread with a chunk of butter? Yum!

7 thoughts on “Warm bread and cool butter

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  2. Dieter

    Hmm, that sure looks familiar. Do they still sell those wonderful pies? I’d kill for one of those (especially Pepper Steak), unfortunately it is impossible to find a decent pie outside ZA.

  3. foreigner

    we also buy toaster bread always..i am south african and the ones we have in my country normally not that soft even when you buy it..and it is normally to toast it..doesnt need to be soft:)..but now i am worried about your comment..we dont know what they add in it to make it last so long and still be soft

  4. Paul

    Post author

    Dieter, I NEVER buy pies from convenience stores… :) But, now that you’ve said that they are good… perhaps I’ll give them a try.

    Foreigner, ya… and you’ll be surprised how good real bread is. ;)

    Firefly… rock on Spar!

  5. Emm

    This post and your slap chip post have made me soooo homesick. My husband works in one of the UK’s biggest bakeries and we still can’t find decent bread and rolls here. Or slap chips. Or decent rolls with butter and slap chips.

  6. Paul

    Post author

    Emm… oh-my-freekin’-word… yes, warm rolls, cool butter, hot slap chips with vinegar. Yes, baby, yes! We may just have to have that for lunch tomorrow. :D

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