A building with great lines

A building with great lines

Aren't old buildings just awesome? They tend to have such great lines for vertical close-up photos. I sometimes wonder whether or not in 30 or 40 years we'll have similar thoughts about today's modern structures. Fortunately for us, Cape Town has many buildings just like this one, and it seems that they'll still be around for quite some time. As long as they're still in perfectly good condition there's really no way to justify ripping them down to erect newfangled ones. :)

4 thoughts on “A building with great lines

  1. Emm

    No, no, no, I’m certainly not a trained expert! I just did a little three hour workshop which basically allows me to appreciate photos such as the one above! It was held in London through the Photo School. My photos from that day can be found here if you’d like to see, but they are nowhere as good as your photos!

  2. Paul

    Post author

    Hey Emm, thanks, I took a look at your photos – they look great (I left a comment). There is so much to take photos of in London. Well, in the entire England actually!

    Thanks again for the compliment – you’re too kind. :)

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