An old, old car at Wijnland Auto Museum

An old, old car

This is the third photo in the set taken in Joostenbergvlakte. (If you've missed the previous two, click here and follow the trail back to them.) We thought we'd take a drive out to this remote suburb to visit the Wijnland Auto Museum - which, from the outside, looks more like a scrap yard, or an auto graveyard.

Sadly, we failed in our objective. We took a quick look around and decided that we'd rather return with a group consisting of other photographers, perhaps, and two or more people dressed up and ready to be models. The museum apparently has one of the largest collections of rare cars in the country, and old (perhaps deceased) cars like these make a great backdrop for a modelling shoot - don't you think?

You'll find the museum by

  • driving along the N1 (with Cape Town at your back)
  • taking exit 34
  • turning right at the first opportunity
  • driving to the end of the road (past the nursery on your right)

Strangely the Wijnland Auto Museum has no website or email address, but they can be contacted by telephone on +27 21 988 4203. The museum isĀ open daily until 16h00 (including Sundays) and charges R50 per person.

14 thoughts on “An old, old car at Wijnland Auto Museum

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  2. Celeste

    Paul, this is an awesome photo! I dont think that a score of other photographers (plus models) could have done more justice to the (strange) auto museum the way you did!

  3. Paul

    Post author

    I believe the cars often get used in movies. Perhaps the need old cars in movies? I guess the owner doesn’t have enough space to keep them under cover – but yes, it’s a shame that they have to stand out in the weather.

  4. Anina De Witt

    Hi There,

    Will you please email me your Address for GPS – as I would like to come and visit your lovely Venue over the weekend!

    Kind Regards,


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  6. Hein

    Hi Paul
    I went to the museum two weeks ago. It is a true great experience. I am restoring a oldie myself and it cost a great amount of money and effort to take one of them from rust to shine. I got a car that had nothing missing and relatively in good order and it has cost me R80k and 18 months so far. It not nearly completed yet and will cost a great deal more. The point I want to make is that some cars are just too far gone or too expensive to save. Parts that are missing needs to be specialy made or imported from other continents. Sometimes its just not worth it and make no economical sense to spend the money. I salute Wijnland Car Museum for keeping them on their property together and for the cars that he does rescue and restore to their former glory. Nothing and nobody stops him from selling all those car for scrap metal and making a bundle of cash. The only thing that stops him from doing that is his absolute LOVE for the old cars. That can not be desputed.

  7. Paul

    Post author

    That’s a good point that you make there Hein. Most of the cars would be so difficult to save, and with limited funds it’s practically impossible to even maintain their current state. So yes, it’s great that he’s actually keeping them vs. selling them off as scrap.

    If you have a photo of the car that you’re restoring, why not post a link to it here – I’d love to see it.

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  9. kim

    Hello every one i to went there once many years a go and tried to buy a car
    well the answer was a resounding NO thats ok
    but one day who knows he might just sell one

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