Let me at that Digger Loader

Digger Loader

Boys love toys - really we do. Give any guy the chance to play with one of these and I guarantee you that they'd jump at it. Imagine using a few of these for team-building exercises! Speaking from a guy's perspective, it would be fantastically awesome to have a couple of hours to drive one of these puppies around, being able to just dig up huge amounts of soil.

Okay, to be fair, perhaps one would have to go for a lesson or two - but, given enough space, I'm sure that they're not that difficult to work out!

I'm interested to know how many of our female readers would like to play digger-loader digger-loader. Guys, feel free to answer too, but I'm fairly sure that for the most part I know the answer. Ladies, how would you like to spend a few hours fiddling with one of these toys?

6 thoughts on “Let me at that Digger Loader

  1. Paul

    Post author

    Pamela – we once had a friend in the fire department. He let us play with the water hoses!

    EIIR – YES, I noticed that! I’m just not sure where I’d park it. ;)

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