Life saving rope

Life saving rope

If you saw yesterday's post and thought the photo was of some kind of life saving apparatus, you would have been right!

Deems left a comment yesterday expressing surprise at the newness of the lettering versus the old peeling paint. I think this version of the photo emphasises that even more. The nice, new, neat lettering contrasts with the peeling paint and the stormy skies.

And if you were to open the box (as I did :)), you would notice yet another contrasting element, in the form of the brand new rope that lies coiled inside.

3 thoughts on “Life saving rope

  1. Deems

    Amazing shot, Paul. From this angle with the box fully in frame the new white lettering almost looks like it might have been Photoshopped onto the photo it seems so out of place. I guess they replaced the rope at the same time as the lettering :)

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