Scarborough beach at sunset

Scarborough Beach at Sunset

Our last couple of posts showed a little of the village of Scarborough. This post shows a little of why Scarborough is so special to its inhabitants. The beaches are wide, open, almost untouched and the sunsets in this area are reportedly some of the best in Cape Town. Even though this side of the beach looks fairly rocky, behind me there's a long sandy beach - with an ocean that is (based on the sign in the last post) safely swimmable.

The Scarborough Conservation Group was established in 1992 with the goal of changing Scarborough into a Conservation Village and ensuring that the natural environment is properly taken care of. They're been involved in beach clean-ups as well as the replanting of indigenous vegetation in the area. You can read more about their goals and activities here.

5 thoughts on “Scarborough beach at sunset

  1. Jo

    Wow, beautiful photos, Paul. Thanks to you both for making the Great Trek all the way down here. It was fun collecting shells (and seaweed…) on the beach. Come back any time. And if any of your readers fancy renting a little wooden house over 2010, let me know… ;-)

  2. Paul

    Post author

    Thanks guys. When I look at the photo it feels like I’m looking through a window. I just love it also.

    Thanks for the invite Jo. It was an awesome evening – and yes, you cook a mean vegetarian dinner! It was good to see where you live because I’ll never again be tempted to ask why you don’t move closer to the city. :)

    Beverley, fyi, Jo owns the wooden house that featured in previous posts. If you hadn’t already booked for January I would strongly have suggested booting her out of her home for a week or two. :)

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