Scaredy cows

Scaredy Cows
I like cows, though, it seems perhaps they're not as fond of me. Or, perhaps the weapon that I was pointing at them (aka camera) was too terrifying for them to bear. The moment I stood near the lead scaredy cow bolted, taking the others with her.

Today we buy our milk from Woolworths, Kwikspar or Pick 'n Pay. In years gone by my mom gathered us three kids up for a weekly trip to the milk farm up the road - to buy fresh milk in 5-litre buckets. The best thing about buying the milk from the farm was that the cream would rise to the top of the milk (remember those days?) and us kids were allowed to scoop it off to pour over our cereal!

Is there anybody out there who still gets their milk directly from a farm?

7 thoughts on “Scaredy cows

  1. joubertb

    I remember having our milk delivered to the house by the milk man. It would come in glass bottles and on top of the milk you could see the cream.

  2. Paul

    Post author

    Joubertb, yeah, I do too! I use to love the bottles and the foil that covered them. It’s a pity it stopped… but I’m sure that many husbands are secretly happy. *kidding* :)

  3. Mom

    Do you remember that we used to make butter from the cream and then you kids wouldn’t eat it because you said that it tasted funny and when we used to get the milk delivered the coupons were very often stolen the then the milk man would ring the door bell at about four in the morning to inform me. I then had to give him some more coupons!

  4. Paul

    Post author

    No mother, I can’t say that I remember not liking the butter. I do remember the milkman ringing the bell at 4am, but I don’t remember anything about people stealing the coupons… but, if that’s your story I guess you can stick to it. ;)

    I’m only kidding, I do actually remember that the coupons started getting stolen… No, really I do… ;)

  5. EIIR

    I seem to remember that they switched to coupons precisely because the money one used to put in the bottles was being nicked. So then of course the coupons got nicked. I also remember the whine the battery powered motor of the milk truck used to make and the clink jingle of the bottles as the crates were stacked. You could also buy orange juice and quava juice in those days. Yikes, I don’t mean to sound old but I guess all this is approaching some 30 years ago.

  6. Paul

    Post author

    EIIR, truth be told, I do remember that coupons were being stolen… I was just ragging Mom. ;) I will say that I can’t really remember the soulnd of the battery powered motor. That and the clinks must have been somewhat of a comforting sound.

    And, thanks, I’m glad that you think CTDP is “fantastic”. Viva la Cape Town! :)

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