A big white door

A big white door

Often when I see an old object like this door I wonder what history it has seen. Isn't it interesting to consider all the people that may have turned and pulled on the door knob? Don't you curiously consider what led it to be removed from its doorway and left lying on this grassy patch?

On a completely different subject... notice the Nasturtium flowers to the left? It was the weirdest thing ever when I discovered one day that Kerry-Anne likes putting these into salad! I guess they do act as a beautiful garnish... but for her it's not only about the decorative appeal - she enjoys the taste too! I wouldn't be surprised if next I find her picking daisies for a quick stir-fry!

7 thoughts on “A big white door

  1. Beverley

    Yes it does make you wonder what ‘stories’ lay behind the door – wouldn’t want to lift it up now as you never know what might be lurking underneath..

    Nasturtium leaves I’ve never tasted but David has and doesn’t like them…it’s a very old fashioned plant that is beginning to make a comeback in English gardens.

  2. mjw

    Don’t be so dramatic, Paul. Everyone knows Nelumbo nucifera is used in stir fries.

    (PS I see the triple helix campaign is desperately trying to utilise your fame for its devious means. I hope you get an invite to the launch party on Saturday!)

  3. Paul

    Post author

    mjw, but by Everyone you surely would include everyone, which means I would be excluded from everyone hence not part of Everyone.

    helix, what helix? ;)

  4. mjw

    I can’t follow that but my answer is: “You are apart”.

    And, um, UGH! By deleting that (“What?” say the other visitors) you make me look like a rambling off-kilter individual seeing conspiracies.

    No, seriously.

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