Long and winding road

Red road bus

Have you ever been on a long-distance bus trip? When I was young, I used to go on a lot of school camps, and of course, we were always transported to and from the campsites by bus. Most of these trips were only two or three hours long, but on one occasion we travelled all the way from Cape Town to Pretoria (about 1400km) on a bus - an ordinary bus too, not one of those nice luxury ones with the soft seats, headrests and little curtains.

I guess it's not so bad when you're young, because it's kind of an adventure. Still, I remember it being a Very Long Journey. What's the furthest you've ever travelled by bus?

8 thoughts on “Long and winding road

  1. Deems

    Back in ’91 we traveled from Cape Town up to, and through, the Kruger National Park by bus. I think that was definitely the longest, by distance and by travel time.

    Having the bus breaking down (oil pump failure) in the middle of the night, in the middle of no-where (just outside Aliwal North), on our way back to Cape Town, was not fun and very cold.

  2. Guinivea

    The furthest I have gone by bus was in 1995 I travelled from CT to East London by bus for the National Drum Majorettes Championship, it was a LONG trip as the bus never went faster than 60K’s (I think). And as you experienced it was not a nice luxury bus…soft seats thankfully but no loo or TV.
    Oh, and we came fourth in SA!

  3. Mary Ann Johnson

    Oh I had to comment on the bus. I had the absolutely grand pleasure of traveling by tiny bus, with a group of Virginia Tech students, from Cape Town to Kruger to Pretoria/Tshwan and Johannesburg. And we went into Swaziland for a couple of days too. It was during July 2008. I followed your blog before the trip and since.

  4. Jude

    Chicago, Illinois to Rifle, Colorado. 1714 km according to Wolfram Alpha.

    Rifle, Colorado to Moscow, Idaho and back. 1094 km one-way. I guess that trip wins.

  5. Linka

    Santiago to Arica in Chile – 2062 km
    I was trying to get to Peru cheapest way possible.
    Bus was nice enough though, showed a lot of movies and they tuck you in at night! I had to do that journey twice. travelling on a shoestring, gotta love it.

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