Method Man


Clearly I don't know very much about hip hop music. This storefront had me confused, as I had never heard of a shop or brand of clothing called "Methodman". After googling a little I discovered that it was no wonder I was confused - apparently Method Man is the stage name for an American hip hop artist.

Cape Town has had a large hip hop following for many years, but it seems that over the last few years there has been a huge increase in the general popularity of the genre. A fact that might surprise some of our friends: when Kerry-Anne's niece and nephew visited us last year, we listened to so much hip hop in the car that we developed quite an appreciation for it - to the extent that I now own a Flo Rida CD!

5 thoughts on “Method Man

  1. Jonathan Carter

    I used to listen to Mr Meth a lot about a decade ago. One of my favourite songs of the time was “N2gether Now” that he did with Limp Bizkit. It would take some getting used to if you’re not acquainted with the genre, but he’s quite good and perhaps underrated, all that the radio stations play these days anyway is just Jay-Z (my distant cousin).

  2. Jonathan Carter

    Yes, of course. Let’s do a quick comparison.

    Names: Jonathan Carter / Shawn Carter
    Nicknames: highvoltage, hivo, J.C. / jahova, h.o, Jay-Z
    Interests: entrepreneurship, philantopy

    If you look behind the fact that he’s black and I’m white you’ll even see a resemblance. And I’m going to be a famous rapper too one day.

    PErhaps when I get my white Beyonce it will be more obvious.

  3. kisha rochelle ellis

    Hey as horses,and hello as in english.Mef oh my GOD.I keep reading about you
    they are really gonna try and lock you up? That’s a boo.The reason you rap is to make money?(OR)the reason you rap is cause you the best knowledge they got close to god? I am so praying for you.Good luck in court, o.b.d.(shame on a nigga tryin’ to run game on a nigga).Bring the pain.Your secret valentine or (the dedication from me to you).
    Computer Love.Stay strong,where am I? TOTAL-CAN’T YOU SEE,mezmorized by your love song (knowledge)(wisdom)and(understanding).

  4. Paul

    Post author

    Hey Kisha,

    I’m guessing that you saw the words “Method Man” on this page and assumed that this is his site. Unfortunately, this site less affiliated to Mr Man than the World Wildlife Foundation is affiliated to Rhino Poachers International. :)

    Perhaps try to catch him on Twitter or Facebook or something.

    Keep well,

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