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Stats SA estimate that by the end of the year the Western Cape (the province in which we live) will hold about 11% of South Africa's total population. That's about 5.4 million people! An interesting fact that I've noticed is that many young couples (such as Kerry-Anne and myself) don't yet have kids and many aren't planning on doing so. I wonder if this is a world-wide trend.

I'm dedicating this blog post and photo to all the parents of Cape Town and the surrounding areas who've had kids and are thereby ensuring the circle of life in the Cape. I often marvel at parents' ability to deal with screaming babies, hyper-active toddlers and the plain naughty kiddies. I simply don't know where you find the energy and how you manage to do this - respect!

3 thoughts on “Procreation

  1. Deems

    As a father of two girls I’m glad I’m doing my part to ensure the growth of the population of the Western Cape, and more importantly, Cape Town :)

    As for where we get the energy – I honestly don’t know – I think once you become a parent you just somehow handle it and somehow, by some miracle, find that extra energy to handle them.

  2. Hendrik

    Last time we were in the UK it definitely wasn’t a trend there. Over there you find more often than not that the ladies pushing around little baby buggies look like they’ve barely come out of highschool, if that.

    I suppose that’s what a social grant for children does. A lot of people have commented that it seems they just have children to get money from the goverment for them, to buy Xbox 360’s with.

  3. Nixgrim

    Thanks! Having kids definitely does require more energy! I’m not sure where we get it from, and to be honest, sometimes we simply don’t have it – that’s usually when the kids act up most… they seem to have a 6th sense for these things. But actually, having kids is so much fun and so incredible that it’s worth doing despite the energy it requires.

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