Bendy-man at Renault

Bendy-man at Renault

Sticking with the French theme of the past two posts, let me present Renault, a genuine French icon, and Bendy-Man, who I don't think is much of a French icon.

The yellow man in the photo consists of few tubes of plastic with a high-powered fan below. The fan blows air through the tubes, keeping the guy standing. It's helluva amusing to watch him in the wind, because as much as the fan blows to keep him standing, the wind kinks the tube causing him to bend in all directions. Click here to see another photo.

I can imagine that if someone were to make an evil bendy-man with a terrifying scowl on his face and lights that cause his eyes to glow it would it eerily scary - especially on a dark, cloudy and windy evening. You need only to have stood and watched one of these for a while to know what I mean. :)

6 thoughts on “Bendy-man at Renault

  1. Beverley

    I’ve seen a few of these around the UK and agree that with a scowl and eyes that glow they would come across on a dark night as scary – but the young children seem to find them amusing and friendly!!

  2. Paul

    Post author

    Beverly, yes, they’re things that nightmares are made of. During the day they look friendly and funny, but at I imagine that they could make for hectic nightmares. :)

    Hendrik, thanks for the comment and compliment – but, truth be told, it’s only average compared to what one finds in your Flickr feed. ;)

  3. Hendrik

    Oh forever so modest Paul. Bet if you loaded up to Flickr you’ll get some nice responses to it.. you just gave me an idea though.. can you imagine lighting this kind of thing up at night and then shooting that with the moon in the background ? Now THAT would be eerie.. wonder what they charge to have one custom made.. hmmmmm…

  4. Paul

    Post author

    Hendrik, imagine a dozen or so of them scattered in a field, with woody-looking trees in the backdrop, illuminated by a full moon. Hectic dude, hectic.

    Oh, about Flickr, Kerry-Anne keeps saying that I should, but I barely have time to manage CTDP, let alone Flickr. Perhaps some day. :)

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