Harbour cranes

Harbour cranes

My dad retired from work many years ago, but back then one of the things that he use to do was inspect the harbour cranes to ensure that they were kept in a good working condition. He use to climb to the end of the jib (the part right at the end of the arm from where the cable extends downwards) in all kinds of weather. If you're familiar with Cape Town's weather you'll know that this would mean that on occasion he'd climb out there in high winds and even rainy weather - and apparently, even tough the cranes may look perfectly stable from the ground, when you're up there they bob about a bit like a rodeo bull!

2 thoughts on “Harbour cranes

  1. Handre Brand

    Do you perhaps know the history of the cranes in the Robinson Dock? I took a picture today of the cranes and we talked about when they could have been installed in Cape Toen harbour. We thouhgt 1920 may be a good guess, but I will appreciate more reliable information on the cranes.Regards, Handre Brand

  2. Paul

    Post author

    I’m not sure Handre – I’d wasn’t around back then. ;) Seriously though, you may be about right. I’d try following up with the V&A though. I’m almost sure that the the V&A run historical tours that you could go on.

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