Temporal tractor

A tractor

Years ago, before I was 10, my grandfather owned a farm in the Northern Transvaal (now called Limpopo). This tractor reminded me of our visits to my grandparents over the Christmas period.

I remember two small tractors, similar to this one, that stood on their property, with flat tyres and worn-out engines. The strange thing is that I can also remember the (very distinctive) smell of old oil and grease (from the tractors) baking in the sun, and now as I look at this photo I swear that I can actually smell it again!

7 thoughts on “Temporal tractor

  1. Paul

    Post author

    Thanks Zeandre. I think the long grass growing up around it adds nicely to the rusty and discarded look.

    Thanks Emmet. Kerry-Anne was strangely surprised that I used a big word like temporal. Silly girl. :D

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