Music, lights and performance at the V&A’s AquaFestival

Johnny Clegg performing at AquaFestival
In my last post I spoke about the Johnny Clegg performance that we were invited to see on Saturday night at the V&A Waterfront's AquaFestival. I've just managed to finish going through all the photos and have put together two albums for you to look at. Click here to check them out.

Isn't this setting just beautiful? Unfortunately the sun had fully set by the time that I got away from the photographers' area down below and up onto the grandstand. At night it's really difficult to capture the beautiful lights and Table Mountain in the background, but can you imagine the ambience of watching such an awesome performance in the fading Waterfront light from this vantage point?

Check my previous post or the AquaFestival website for more details about Johnny Clegg's show later tonight, and other shows that you may want to see later this week.

On a final note, have a look at this iconic shot of Johnny floating both on water and in the air. :)

5 thoughts on “Music, lights and performance at the V&A’s AquaFestival

  1. Paul

    Post author

    Elonora, yup, it was awesome. The only thing that I would have changed would have been for it to start about an hour earlier to catch some more of the setting sun’s light… but perhaps that’s just the selfish photographer in me. :)

    Lizziviggi – that’s the thing hey, it’s just such a great venue. (Oh, I love your photo on Christmas day – awesome idea and practically impossible in Cape Town!) :)

    Ilan, thank you!

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