The Kimberley Hotel in Roeland Street

The Kimberley Hotel in Roeland Street

The Kimberley Hotel is now around 114 years old, and besides being a place frequented by members of parliament - for lunch - it was, for many years, the place from which horse-drawn carts would leave for the town of Kimberley, some 830km north-east of Cape Town (as the crow flies).

P.S. Did you notice Table Mountain hidden, almost from sight, in the background? :)

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    Thanks Leif Hagen – it’s one of those spontaneous/unplanned shots where being at the right place at the right time is key.

    Hi Brian, we normally only use our own photos – so there’s no automated way to submit a photo to have it uploaded. We’ve chatted about adding this functionality – so thanks for your message – we may enabling something like this in the next month or two. In the meantime, look for my email address on our contact us page – and pop the photo in a mail – I’d love to see what you have.

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