2010 Football World Cup – loads to get done

Cape Town Stadium

So, in my previous photo I showed a view of the Cape Town Stadium in all its majesty. I zoomed in from the same vantage point (just above the highest road in Green Point) to capture this photo (and this one) of workmen furiously putting the final touches on the 68,000-seater grand structure.

There were many South Africans (around the time of the announcement that the 2010 Football World Cup was to be hosted here) that were negative and said things like there's no way that we'd be ready to host the World Cup. They said that there was no way that we'd be able to build the stadiums required to host such a large event.

Since the announcement we've seen several new roads, bridges and stadiums spring up out of the earth. With the World Cup only a few months away, there's still a lot to get done and time will tell whether or not our country was able to host such a large event successfully, and whether or not we'll end the month proud to be African.

If I were to put my money on it, I'd say June's going to be a good one.

7 thoughts on “2010 Football World Cup – loads to get done

  1. FromJoanne

    It will be a success ofcourse
    wait and see
    When my overseas friends visit SA they always tell me two things
    What nice people the South Afrircans are and how they could envisage living here themselves !..and many end up doing just that ..
    I am a foreigner myself and totally agree with that
    If crime is a concern ..well
    Crime is the world all over
    only tis morning I was told that a SA family in Syney was burgled last week they tied up the whole family kids et tout and slashed the man 12 times on his face

  2. Paul

    Post author

    Michelle, thanks for the link. I watched the trailer, it looks like a pretty cool documentary, I’ll watch the rest soon. Thanks for sharing it!

  3. World Cup Tickets

    Glad to see you are getting on with the job – England fans can’t wait for June and world cup fever is just about to kick off here.
    The stadiums look magnificent and having been to every world cup finals since Italia 90 this looks like it might turn out to be the most memorable and open tournament.

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