Streaming wine from Cape Town

Refraction in a wine glass

You've been on a trip to Cape Town and it was awesome. Would receiving a bottle of our wine in the post remind you of your visit to the Mother City and help you relive your holiday? You're in luck! In 2006 friends of ours started an online company called Wineweb that allows you to order South African wine online. Take a look, and if you really love wine, consider joining the Wine Club. They'll send you a mixed case of wine every second month.

Isn't it ironic that looking at the world through a wine glass brings what's out of focus into focus, albeit upside down? :) I should point out though that this wine glass was in fact filled with white Grapetiser, so perhaps what you need to bring what's out of focus into focus isn't wine - perhaps it's just sitting back and slowly sipping a drink while reflecting on the world around you...

10 thoughts on “Streaming wine from Cape Town

  1. Paul

    Post author

    I think I just struck a 4!
    Four female comments in a row. I think that’s something to celebrate. ;)

    Thanks girls, I however have to admit that it’s Kerry-Anne who noticed the refracted image. I only took the photo. :)

  2. mjw

    “Girls”? I think you need to return to your man cave for some tutelage. I believe there’s a workshop on proper peeler placement waiting for you.

  3. Paul

    Post author

    Heidi, Helen, Nicola, Mandy. Normally names of the female gender… :|

    Heidi, Helen, Nicola, to fill you in, apparently *someone* put the potato peeler into the teaspoon holder. I claim it was not I (as does Kerry-Anne), but it would seem as though one is indeed guilty until proven innocent. ;)

  4. Paul

    Post author

    Heh, thanks Beverley – we had some great SA wine tonight actually!

    Ralph, thanks, and great photo yourself! The clouds are superbly dramatic. :)

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