Vredehoek, a suburb of the city

Villa Portuguese Restaurant & Pizzeria

Vredehoek, Gardens and Oranjezicht are three old suburbs found just above the inner city on the slopes of Table Mountain, just to the right of Devil's Peak. For me, these three are more or less merged into a single large suburb, and I never know when I'm in one or the other.

You'll see a sign reading "Villa" on the left of the photo. That's the entrance to Villa Portuguese Restaurant & Pizzeria, and based on the restaurant's address (176 Upper Buitenkant Street, Vredehoek), it's safe to say that I took this photo in Vredehoek!

Something cool that I noticed when I zoomed in on the photo (and something that you may like to keep in mind) is that there's a sign posted in the window that reads "Mondays, 50% off pizza, sit down only". We may just have to take them up on that offer... :)

2 thoughts on “Vredehoek, a suburb of the city

  1. Helen

    I think you may have plotted Villa on the map a wee bit too high up on Upper Buitenkant. If I’m not mistaken it just a little bit down from the stop street where Vredehoek Avenue crosses Upper Buitenkant. There’s a Friendly 7-11 next door on the corner isn’t there? I drove up and down that road for years, and although I never visited Villa I do know that fabulous pink building. Lovely to see my suburb featured on your site!
    Also, according to the way I understand it (and my old map book) Upper Buitenkant divides Vredehoek and Oranjezicht. So yes you are correct that you took the photo in Vredehoek as you were standing on the east side of the road. But Villa is on the west side, so wouldn’t that make it Orangezicht? Despite what the address says. Hee hee, it’s very confusing!!

  2. Paul

    Post author

    Hi Helen,

    You’re absolutely correct – thanks for pointing it out. Their address is listed as number 176, so I plugged that into Google Maps and ended up where I had the marker placed. At the time I thought it looked a little strange, but… yes… I guess Google and I were wrong. :)

    I’ve moved the marker to where the restaurant is actually located. The way I confirmed is that in the back left of my photo you’re able to see a tall building – I located that on Google Maps (kindof NNW of the shop’s location).

    Thanks also for your information on where Vredekloof and Orangezicht meet – I’ll have to go with your judgement here – I made that assumption that their listed address was correct – but I’m not sure anymore that it is. :)

    (At least we know that the Google Map point that I marked is now correct.;) )

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