Yellowtail fishing and recreational permits

Yellowtail fish

I came across this spear-fisherman and his brother at Scarborough busy trying to sell the last of the ten yellowtail that they'd speared close to Cape Point. Their price? R100 per fish! Isn't that just a crazy price? I'm not 100% sure what yellowtail costs in supermarkets, but I'm sure that it's in excess of R50 per kilogram, making this buy an absolute bargain.

The only reason I didn't buy one was that I'd have had to transport it 65 kilometres home in the back of my car, without a proper fish bag to contain the fishy aroma. :)

I wrote an article a while back about recreational fishing around the Cape Peninsula, so check that out for details on where to purchase permits - they're really cheap. I had a quick look for limits with respect to quotas for line fish like yellowtail and it appears as though it's currently limited to ten per person. So, if you're lucky enough to bag a whole lot of yellowtail, make sure that you only take ten - the fines are pretty hefty.

8 thoughts on “Yellowtail fishing and recreational permits

  1. Dean harvey

    Have just confirmed that we’ve got tickets and will be coming across in June and July. I’ll be following England but really looking forward to it all. A bit daunted by all the rumours around safety and that there won’t be enough accommodation for us all – but that’s part of the adventure I guess

  2. Paul

    Post author

    Heh heh – yes, I have a feeling that that is what at least some of the people I saw buying fish were doing. You must really love fish. :)

    Dean, that’s awesome! Naturally we’ll be shouting for SA, but we don’t really mind who wins – as long as it’s fun! I’m not *mad* about football (Kerry-Anne is) but it’s going to be a grand affair.

    Will you be staying in Cape Town at all? I think there’s a fair amount of space still available. Check out one of my mate’s accommodation portals, Also, about the safety aspect – things can happen anywhere, but I live here and honestly… I think you’ll be just fine. :)

    Oh, and leave me a message if you’d like the low-down about an area in which you think you’d like to stay.

  3. Paul

    Post author

    Oh, I just realised it was you Stephan. Dude – that’s 2+ hours in a warm car – by the time you got that fish home in Robertson it would more likely have resembled the green-tail variety often sold off bakkies at the side of the road. ;)

    I suppose however that you could have bought a couple of bags of ice in Noordhoek.

  4. ED

    rather than think he was offering a bargain, you should have reported him to the parks board or marine conservation authorities. Selling fish without a commercial licence is illegal and is morally wrong. our fish stocks are under enough pressure as it is without cowboys thinking its their right to make a quick buck out of fish they have caught. he shouldnt be posing with such a big smile because he is in the same category as rhino poachers

  5. Matt

    Its the commercial fishermen that take out a complete school under licence that are the problem not the odd spearfisherman that takes out 10 fish…

  6. ED

    Sorry Matt. You are wrong here bud. Commercials do take a lot of fish out but they possess legal permits and are regulated. the point you make is like saying that one guy poaching rhino isnt a problem its the big gangs that are the problem. The illegal sale of fish is a big problem up and down our coast and does in fact have a big impact on the sustainability of the ocean. The dude in the picture looks like a good guy but bottom line is he is breaking the law seeling without a permit.

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