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An old man

For some time I've been wondering what it's like to get old and how much you, your personality and your outlook on life, actually change over the years. I know many people over the age of 60 (which I believe is the new 50 ;) ) and while it's evident that years of life have taken their toll on their perspective on life, there are a few that I know who are somehow different, and have somehow retained a youthful outlook on life.

People say that "getting old" is simply a state of mind, and I find myself wondering how much control one has over the change in this state of mind. I wonder whether or not in 30 years' time I'll have a similar and (mostly) unjaded approach to day-to-day living.

I took this photo at Hussar Grill in Camps Bay a little while ago.

3 thoughts on “A different perspective

  1. Kathy S

    There is a saying that goes ‘Growing older is inevitable, Growing up is optional’. As long as you always look for the doughnut and not the ‘hole’ you will stay young at heart. Wish we could have some of your lovely warm weather! Love from the UK.

  2. Paul

    Post author

    Kathy S, thanks for that! I’m sure it does have something to do with keeping your attitude towards life in check. :) At the moment I wish that I could exchange a few degrees of our warm weather with you! Dying of the heat here in my office!

  3. Neil

    We are currently looking after a wonderful woman, 99 years of age — in Ct. She lives on her own (okay, with a carer), makes her own snacks, coffee, walks about only slightly aided — for all intents and purposes, is to a large extent ‘independent’. (At 99!) Don’t think that there is a cut-off date at which everything is a matter of looking back, so to speak. So, I like to think that the pondering gent in the picture could have been thinking about what had happened that morning, and not mourning a life (not yet) spent. Love your site, btw.

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