Books are verbatim

Verbatim Books

Verbatim Books is a quaint old-style second-hand bookshop in a quiet and shady part of Stellenbosch (here's a map to their location).

If Kerry-Anne were made of iron, books would be like magnets. The moment she saw Verbatim Books, and the old bicycle parked outside, with flowers, my fate was sealed, we just *had* to stop in to explore. And explore we did. The bookshop isn't very big, but is filled mostly with second-hand books that are in pristine condition. They have everything from traditional old story books that you'd read to your kids at bed-time, to old classics like Kerry-Anne's favourite book ever, Jane Eyre (2006 movie), which I ended up buying because she hadn't ever seen the French edition and just *had* to have it. ;)

If you're a book person, you definitely should make a visit to Verbatim Books an item on your long to-do list. Kerry-Anne says it's the best bookshop she's ever been to. And she should know, I guess. :)

4 thoughts on “Books are verbatim

  1. Beverley

    Took a very similar shot about a couple of weeks ago when we sat in the Basic Bistro opposite having a morning coffee…didn’t go in the shop but will the next time we’re there!

  2. Val Palk

    Kerry-Anne sounds like my kind of person and that picture is beautiful. The daughter is studying at Stellenbosch and I’m planning a day of roaming around there with my camera. Parts of the town seem to have an almost Parisian type atmosphere.

  3. Paul

    Post author

    That’s awesome Val. Where do you currently live?
    Yes – I think parts do actually have a Parisian feel. I think Franschoek is more often associated with France, but personally, I feel that this area is more Parisian than Fraanshoek. Will you be hopping over Helshoogte for a visit to Franschoek?

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